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C-Rail Hook A & B

The C-RAIL-HOOK has been specifically designed for use in combination with C-RAIL-ANCHOR frames and the C-RAIL-BRACKET holding bracket products.

The product is made from fiber-reinforced polymer to avoid requiring any grounding procedure to reduce the installation costs significantly.

Tensile strenght

The spherical suspension area ensures a large contact surface to exist between the hook and the anchoring frame or the holding bracket. The large contact surface decreases material abrasion, thereby ensuring the required tensile strength and reliability during its service life.

Rotating hook for best mechanical performance

The product kit includes two components: A split housing and a swivel-hook element. The hook element can be rotated to the left and to the right in horizontal direction in both ways by 80o within the housing. It always occupies position in line with the direction of the C-RAIL-MESSENGER. This rotating feature helps dielectric components to provide and ensure the best mechanical performance possible.

The C-RAIL-HOOK can be fastened to poles made from either wood, metal or concrete by wrapping a steel tape around the pole or using screws. Installation is also possible in case of concrete square-shaped poles. In all of the aforementioned cases, an additional adapter must be used that fits on the back part of the hook.