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About us

DeNetCom GmbH is a freshly established company founded by four individuals who decided to combine all the experiences and knowledge that they have gained in the last 20-25 years. We as founders came from different critical areas of business life, such as technology, business management and financial management. We strongly believe that the combination of these fields of knowledge into one company is the key factor of an effective and successful operation.

Quality product for a specific area DeNetCom GmbH is involved in the telecommunications industry. We clearly know that being successful on such a competitive market implies two major requirements, namely excellence in quality of products, and smart, unique, individual solutions for potential customers. In order to live up to these requirements, we have narrowed the area of operation down to a very specific segment where DeNetCom´s solutions are fully capable of responding to the challenges end customers face. Denetcom GmbH is involved in delivering solutions for the customer access segment of telecom outside plant networks. Within this area, Denetcom GmbH has put its focus on passive products, components and solutions for fiber optic-based communication.

Effectiveness in operation as the key of competitiveness A well-organised, small-sized company can react to market challenges much faster than any other company with a more complex organisation structure. We at DeNetCom are fully dedicated to use this possibility to ensure that we will be the first on the market with new products for specific requirements of our customers.  In order to achieve this target, we keep every important developing phase inside. Starting from catching ideas, to bringing the product on the market  – DeNetCom GmbH executes the critical workflows internally. Executing market research to identify the latest technological issues, creating ideas for solutions, designing products and systems, selection of core and additional materials, ensuring quality in manufacturing, building realistic and realisable business plans, establishing sales channels and providing strong and direct support for sales partners are the activities that we carry out.