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C-Rail Anchor

The C-RAIL-ANCHOR system is a key component of the unique, corrugated “C” shape based messenger system, designed specifically for optical fiber based aerial access network. The C-RAIL-ANCHOR kit includes a “C” shape messenger (C-RAIL-MESSENGER) specific frame which fits precisely to the back part of the C-RAIL-MESSENGER when it is placed in. The kit includes a wedge as well. The bottom part contour of the wedge follows the outer shape of the other side of the C-RAIL-MESSENGER . When the wedge is sided over the C-RAIL-MESSENGER – which has been inserted previously into the house – the wedge is forced down into the messenger body. Higher pulling force over the C-RAIL-MESSENGER generates higher compressive strength – consequently higher gripping force between the frame / messenger / wedge group. Components are made from dielectric materials which allows applicability of the product on 0,4kV aerial electricity lines without the need of time consuming and costly grounding process. Work at the top of the poles is usually one of the most expensive part of the installation since it always requests assistance of different lifting machinery, further more it usually requests some kind of traffic restriction or management on the roads which increase installation cost / pole value further. Consequently, it really counts how much time installer has to spend with installation of the system. C-RAIL-ANCHOR helps to reduce this time significantly. C-RAIL-MESSENGER specific design, low number of components, tool free installation process results that the effective time of installation of the C-RAIL-ANCHOR dead end kit around the C-RAIL-MESSENGER profile is less then 15 seconds.