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C-Rail Closure-B

Outdoor Fiber Micro-Closure

The gel sealed in-line OFMC closure offers a mechanical and waterproof protection (IP 68) for fiber splices in the FTTH network (areal, manholes). The housing is in two parts openable by using 2 long latches. Cable entries are easily accessible and allow cable loop through configuration in combination with up to eight-drop cables.

Depending on the configuration, the OFMC can be used as a track joint, a direct cable access or a loop through application. The central base plate allows cables fixation and protection of the tube loop (micro sheet construction).

A hingeable splicing tray offers a perfect protection for the storage of bare fiber, of fiber splices and eventually of a splitter.


  • In-line compact closure 250 x 100 x 70 mm = 1,75 dm3
  • Latch closing system
  • Sealing made by compressing gel during closing
  • Tool less product
  • Compatible with RECORDsplice, SMOUV and ANT splice protectors
  • Easy individual drop cable termination on strain relief device
  • Main cable sealing from 4-10 mm
  • Drop cable sealing from 4-6 mm
  • The closure can be used as well in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 2 meters) environment
  • For G657 fibers only