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C-Rail Messenger

The C-RAIL-MESSENGER is the key component of the C-RAIL® Aerial Cabling System.

The C-RAIL-MESSENGER is installed with a previously inserted ultra-compact optical cable using its fundamental accessories such as C-RAIL-ANCHOR anchoring frames and C-RAIL-BRACKET holding brackets. In the following, applying a pair of C-RAIL-MESSENGER and optical cables is likely the same as using traditional aerial cables. The major difference can be seen when excess lengths need to be established, window opening on cable sheath and cable preparation has to be executed till direct accessing possibility to fibers for customer access closure installation. The individual C-RAIL-MESSENGER makes the application of ultra-compact, extremely flexible, “easy to terminate” type of cables possible.

The C-RAIL-MESSENGER provides unique features for creating excess cable length. Target-oriented core material selection, longitudinally ribbed structure of the internal surface, position-fixed installation of anchoring frames and holding brackets ensure that optical cable can be manually pulled several hundreds of meters within of the C-RAIL-MESSENGER . A simple hand tool facilitates easy dropping of cable from the C-RAIL-MESSENGER at any place necessary.

The C-RAIL-MESSENGER is spooled, stored and delivered on wooden drums with a standard delivery length of 1,750 m.