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C-Rail Bracket

The C-RAIL-BRACKET is vital component of the unique, corrugated “C” shape-based messenger system, designed specifically for optical fiber-based aerial access networks. The C-RAIL-BRACKET kit includes two identical side plates and one base which provides hinging mechanism for the plates.

No grounding process need
All components are made from dielectric materials (PA6 and PA6GF30), some of them are reinforced with glass fiber additives. This allows the applicability of the product on 0,4kV energy poles without the need of a time-consuming and costly grounding process.

Fast and simple Installation
The product is designed to allow for an extremely fast and simple installation process even at the top of the poles within a few seconds.

In order to maximize the pulling ability of the embedded ultra compact optical cable, the bracket fixes the C-RAIL-MESSENGER in one possible position, where the opened (cleft) part of the C-RAIL-MESSENGER is facing upwards.

The product design and its reliable materials allow for multiple usage of the product. Installation is an absolutely tool-free process, which simplifies network construction work at the top of telecom poles.